SMC has the gentle touch with new non-contact gripper

SMC, the world´s leading provider of pneumatics, has proved it´s got the gentle touch when meeting market demand for a non-contact transfer. The innovative company has launched the highly flexible XT661, a vacuum operated mark-free gripper that can transfer a range of workpieces with differing sizes, forms, height and materials, with minimal and gentle contact. Available in two types, using the working principles Cyclone and Bernoulli, the XT661 comes in a range of sizes from Ø20 up to Ø50. The Cyclone, gets its name from the way the air is discharged in a whirling direction. With a groove-channel design, it has a large suction area with even pressure dispersion and a high lifting force with low air consumption, making it economical to operate. It´s also compact and lightweight, with a low profile Cyclone type that can be placed in robot arms for transfer. Alternatively, the Bernoulli discharges air radially which means there is minimal vibration during the gripping process, removing the need for a positioning guide. It also features a standardised multi-port allowing for easy detection of workpieces by connecting a sensor. The XT661 is easy to assemble, install and maintain as it´s grease-free and simple to disassemble and clean internally. It´s suitable for a range of applications that require fragile handling such as electronic circuit boards, solar battery cells, liquid crystal glass, insulating sheets, silicon wafers, electrode materials and copper film. Recognised as a global technology leader and voted for the third consecutive year as one of the world´s most innovative by leading business magazine, Forbes, SMC has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information about the XT661, please visit SMC´s New Product Section at